Wall Street Journal Review – Is WSJ.com Worth It?

The Wall Street Journal is a daily financial publication and is arguably the larget financial newspaper in the market. I am writing a Wall Street Journal Review because there seems to be quite a fair bit of question if a serious investor or trader should subscribe to it. Is Wall Street Journal worth it? Now, WSJ.com is one of the largest around and I acknowledge that. However, I am writing this review based on my own opinion and more importantly, how using the information in Wall Stree Journal has aided my investing and trading journey. So let’s break down what Wall Street Journal is all about. Their official website is www.wsj.com.

Wall Street Journal Review

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Wall Street Journal Review

Wall Street Journal Review – World News Section

Wall Street Journal has plenty of information covering from World News from the Americas to Europe to Asia. And it even has news reported in Real time from around the globe. If you want to get information worldwide, Wall Street Journal got you covered.

Wall Street Journal Review - World NewsWall Street Journal Review – World News

Wall Street Journal Review – US Section

Wall Street Journal Review - US NewsWall Street Journal Review – US Section

You can also expect plenty of coverage of what’s happening in US. Extensive coverage from anything that can possible affect business from US policy, Oil Prices, Presidential Election and the list is really too long to even cover it all.

Wall Street Journal Review – Politics Section

Wall Street Journal Review - Politics SectionWall Street Journal Review – Politics Section

If you are into politics, you are in for a treat. Wall Street Journal covers American politics extensively and you will get up to the minute details on politics.

Wall Street Journal Review – Economy Section

Wall Street Journal Review - Economy SectionWall Street Journal Review – Economy Section

In the economy section, Wall Street Journal has just so many articles that will keep you reading for hours everyday. You will get economy data and you might get overwhelmed. While Wall Street Journal has plentiful of articles, you will have to decide what is right for you.

Wall Street Journal Review – Business Section

Wall Street Journal Review - Business SectionWall Street Journal Review – Business Section

WSJ.com covers business and specific industries specifically. So if you like to read news about a specific industry, then you won’t be disappointed with Wall Street Journal. It’s extensive and it’s plentiful to keep you well informed of the development from retail to manufacturing to aerospace.

Is Wall Street Journal Worth it?

Wall Street Journal Review - Is WSJ.com Worth It?Wall Street Journal Review – Is WSJ.com Worth It?

Personally, with all the information and articles available in Wall Street Journal, it’s worth it if you like to read. What more, WSJ.com is having an aggressive promotion for $1 for 3 months!!! Wow! This is absolutely crazy deal. You can subscribe to Wall Street Journal here.

HOWEVER, Wall Street Journal is worth it if you use it. If you don’t use it, then it’s not worth it even if it’s free. I have no doubt at all the news and articles written in Wall Street Journal is almost all the time credible. I believe all the articles reported inside Wall Street Journal are reported with minimal bias.

I know some of my good friends who are serious investors read Wall Street Journal daily religiously. And there is nothing wrong with that. Some investors that I know do not bother about news (I am one of them) and that’s ok too. In the end, do what you are comfortable with and as long as you can be profitable consistently now and in the longer term, then that’s the most important. Reading news or no news is really not important at all, in my opinion.

The BIG question to know if WSJ.com is worth it or not depends on you. Will you use it to gain more knowledge? Can you profit from the news that you read in WSJ.com? If reading Wall Street Journal gives you knowledge then it’s all worth it especially it’s for $1 now. But if you want to make money from the information, then you better have a strategy to trade the news.

In my investing and trading journey, I don’t rely on news and hardly refer to the Wall Street Journal. I just prefer to rely on a companies track record instead of news which is more short term and short sighted. News probably will not improve your investing results but it will certainly improve your overall knowledge. And that’s already worth it.

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