Value Stock Screener

So how do we go about selecting and narrowing down stocks that should be on our investing radar?

The answer… use a filter or sometimes known as a screener. There are value stock screeners in the market but before we even suggest you use any of those screeners, it’s all too important that first you know how to screen and filter stocks manually.

Value Stock Screener

Make Sure You Screen the Stocks Well before letting them into your Watch List

Let’s Keep This Simple…

Now I won’t be going to make this technical. In fact, I will make this as layman as possible because I am not a financial genius (and that’s the good news – everyone can be an awesome investor!). I won’t be hitting you with Financial jargons to make myself look good.

So let’s run down some key criteria that I use which is extremely simple (I promised to keep it simple). I suggest that you do this to get a feel of things in the value investing world before running out to grab a stock screener to scan the entire market.

Check out the First Filter that I use to Find AWESOME Companies