Why the Rich Become Richer?

The distribution of wealth among nations, industries, cities, families and individuals has been classically perceived to be uneven. This is because the concentration of wealth has been attributed to the same names, faces, authorities, and places. While this belief is meant to provide a temporary justification of the way we put sense into the world around us, it has also crippled our potential to be on the higher ground. This sedentary principle in life is further strengthened by the popular notion of life being unfair. So life is blamed for something that has always had a starting point. Remember that no one can rightfully claim to have been born with gold bars around him. Wealth starts from the desire of a person to become rich.

Why the Rich Become Richer - they made it happened and you can too!

Why the Rich Become Richer – they made it happened and you can too!

A few things need to be considered in an attempt to explain the manner at which the rich become richer.

Why the Rich Become Richer?

Values. While the value of money is limited by its denomination, its contextual definition can be limitless in a single person. Here is one who thinks that because life is unfair, he can contentedly live a life among the poor. On the other hand, a person may be presently looking out the window each night yearning to conquer the world one day and strives to get there every day. How we think and what we do about it matters. People who have become wealthy always provide one advice: thinking outside the box. Where the poor dare not take risk, the rich pounce on it. What gives? Trying makes a good start.

Results and Productivity. The rich become richer because they aim for tangible results or rather assets that will appreciate and generate even more cash flow for them. While a poor person will rant about how something is difficult, the rich does something about it and get to the goal. No, rich people do not ask for their time to be paid. Instead, they ask for their work to be rewarded. Where the poor manages to put value in their time, the rich ensures that the results will be above and beyond what is expected. In the end, the poor gets paid money commensurate to the time he spent working while the rich takes away a bonus for a job well done.

Perception. Notice how someone who always gets the most ridicule because his dreams are perceived unrealistic can turn out to be the wealthiest person you have ever met. Look back at that occasion when you first heard of his desire to become rich and the moment he exactly got there. You will find that it took so much time for him to eventually succeed. If you are wondering why, it’s because he never gave up and he still continues to strive thereby embodying that belief system that the rich become richer. The power of believing in oneself cannot be undervalued as the main driver towards one’s success and failure is himself.

Why the Rich Become Richer - They Invest in Assets that continue to Appreciate in Value

Why the Rich Become Richer – They Invest in Assets that continue to Appreciate in Value

In many ways, I feel the rich become richer because it’s something they worked for. It’s in their plan to invest on the right assets that will continue to work for them even if they stop working. Most of the rich became rich because of their own ability. Of course some were born rich but that does not mean that they think like a real rich. If you are still not where you want to be in life, then perhaps it’s time to start thinking of how to make your money work harder for you. If selling time for money is what you do, it’s really time to think of how you can get out of this rat race. Regardless of how old you might be, it is never too late to start changing the way you see and approach things. You can start getting rich that way.

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