About William Tan

My Name is William and I first began my financial journey when william-profilephotoI was 21 years old. Although I must say that I made a lot of very bad decisions in my first 10 years of financial journey, I am glad I made those bad decisions because it’s what I have learned and it’s those bad decisions that have made me a much better investor today.

From a below average income family…

I come from a below average income family. Dad was a government servant and Mom was a Junior High teacher. Both their income combined barely settled all bills. At a young age, I was constantly exposed to financial insecurity especially from my Mom. Every day, she would tell me how worried she is about our future and about my education. You know… how she wish she has the ability to send me and my siblings to College.

My first exposure to the Stock Market…

My first exposure to the stock market came about when one day, my Dad picked me up from school but had to deliver some signed documents to his broker. He brought me there  where I say brokers frantically making phone calls. There were also phone ringing and it was just pure chaos.
I curiously asked my Dad what’s going on. And I remember this verbatim. My dad said… “this is how anyone can become rich. If you only rely on your salary alone, life will be tough….” Dad probably cannot remember what he said that day, but it stuck to me all these years. I literally took every he said and kept it in my mind. Sadly, Dad was not a good investor. He does not even know… he is more like a trader.
Since then, I have always been fascinated by the stock market. Of course things was all smooth for me as I started wrongly as a trader (yikes!) and a reckless one. But I have learned from my early failure and have developed my own approach to value investing for the past 15 years.

So why am taking all the trouble to set up this website?

You see… Dad inspired me and ignited my interest in the stock market. He made me believe that it’s a powerful investment vehicle for anyone who wants to achieve freedom. And he is CORRECT! The stock market is an AWESOME financial vehicle. Only thing (and a BIG thing) that Dad did not do is knowledge transfer. Dad did not teach me how to trade nor invest. It’s not his fault because he did not know either (ha ha ha). I lost a lot of money in my first 10 years as a trader. It’s only when I made the Value Investing Strategy my core stock market strategy that I became profitable. And you know what… I became a profitable trader too.

So this website is setup because I am determined that I do what Dad did not do. It’s knowledge transfer to the next generation. And here’s my BIG BIG why…

Heidi Tan and William Tan

More important than Wealth Transfer…

I want to be sure that whatever I am doing now can be transferred to next generation. Hence, setting this website up ensures that I transfer my investing knowledge to my only child, Heidi. And while setting this website up, I thought it will just be a good idea to share my investing journey with the rest of the world and hopefully you too can benefit from this. And with your feedback and comments, I can only make this site much better which in turn will be better for Heidi.

You may not know your true reason for learning how to invest or why you need to invest. Well, let me say the motivation will have to be MUCH BIGGER than just for money. Learn how to invest well and pass it down so that your entire family will benefit from this. And that’s the little goal I have – knowledge transfer to Heidi and also to achieve fulfillment by also helping you out.